FAQ's Page

1.What does www.iechamber.com offer?
www.iechamber.com offers the latest trends of products of Indian Handicrafts i.e., Lighting Accessories, Home Decorative Accessories, House wares, Building Hardware, Window Hardware, Door Hardware, Table Top Accessories, Bar Accessories, Garden Accessories, Home Furnishing, Kitchen Accessories.

2. How can I place an ORDER?
You are requested to follow the following steps to place your order:

  • Select Item(s) of your choice from our online Product Catalog.
  • Send Item Codes of your all required or single required Item to our Customer Service Department by e-mail at customer@iechamber.com
  • After sending your e-mail our Customer Service Department will contact you within 24 Working Hours except National or Weekend Holiday(s).

3. Can I phone or fax my ORDER?
Yes you can FAX your order but order through phone is not clear and create confusion that’s why we only accept ORDER through e-mail and fax. For faxing the ORDER send it to 0091-591-2410052/2410061 and to e-mail the order you are requested to send e-mail customer@iechamber.com

4. How can I make payment?
It is the easiest option that we offer to our buyer is payment through BANK, it is safe and fast. Kindly note that we can not accept any kind of Payment through PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD because we are EXPORTING COMPANY and we have to follow Foreign Exchange Policy and under that we can't accept International Payment by PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD  or any other Retailer Mode of Payment. You only need to have below information for making payment :



STATE BANK OF INDIA (Commercial Branch, Civil Lines, Moradabad-244001, INDIA)

Bank’s Fax Number


0091-591-2425115, 2425112, 2411984

Bank’s E-MAIL















5. How do I feel sure that you have correctly registered my Purchase Order?
After having your Purchase Order, you will get an e-mail from our executives which will have “SALES CONFIRMATION” of your Purchase Order. If after placing order you need any correction you are requested to please e-mail us within 48 hours. 

6. Are the items dispatched as per the display on web page?
The products will definitely match the image on the website. The product specifications mentioned with the product photo is only approximate. As you know that most products are handmade. There may, hence, be a slight variation in the pictures and the respective products. At the same time International Exports Chamber will make all possible efforts to make its services delightful for the concerning buyer.

7. How much time do you take to deliver the Purchase Order’s Consignment after the payment has been made?
It is always based on the nature of products and quantity ordered and will be confirmed to you in written when we will send you “SALE’S CONFIRMATION” of your Purchase Order.

8. What is the mode of Payment?

1.       40% advance and balance of INVOICE after the Shipment's information through Bank by T/T.

2.       Letter of Credit (L/C) is accepted as per below mentioned detail :

  • Firstly, Consignee’s Bank should be recognized corresponding Bank of our Banker’s viz.., STATE BANK OF INDIA, Commercial Branch, Civil Lines, MORADABAD-244001 (INDIA).
  • Secondly, Purchase Order value should be less than US $ 20000 and Purchase Order should be of single Product not assorted Items Purchase Order.

9. Where all can International Exports Chamber deliver Purchase Order?
International Exports Chamber can deliver order to all countries in the world except those countries which are banned by their respective Government or our respective Government. You may place orders from anywhere in the world. 

10. Can I cancel an order after it is submitted?
Yes. To cancel an order, email us at customer@iechamber.com mentioning your Purchase Order No. within 48 hours. Please note that you can only cancel orders that have not yet entered the shipping and processing process even though you have emailed within 48 hours.

11. How can I contact you regarding my Purchase Order’s Update?
Our executive(s) or respective Director will always in contact with you and you can any time contact with them on their personal e-mails or Phones that will be provided to you after settling all issue(s) of Purchase Order. 

 12. Return Policy
Goods once dispatched shall not be returned on any grounds. However, in case you may have any complaints regarding the products delivered, kindly write to us at customer@iechamber.com with all genuine complaint detail, then we will definitely look into the matter and if we will find anything, so we will definitely give you replacement in your next Purchase Order.


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